SoftwareActual Multiple Monitors 8.1.4

By hunterlucky at 14-04-2014, 15:36

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.1.4 | 13 MB

Actual Multiple Monitors is the comprehensive solution to improve the functionality of MS Windows user interface for comfortable and effective work with multi-monitor configurations. The smart app emulates standard Windows services on secondary monitors, and offers new window management services to free you from routine clicking and let you concentrate on your work undisturbed. Powerful yet easy-to-use, Actual Multiple Monitors emulates the original Windows Taskbar on the secondary displays, allowing you to manage windows in your usual manner. Such Taskbar can work in the individual mode, displaying only the tasks running on the same monitor, or in the mirror mode, displaying all the tasks running on all monitors in your setup.

SoftwareTopaz Plugins Bundle (04.2014) (Mac OSX)

By Bo0mB0om at 14-04-2014, 15:00
Topaz Plugins Bundle (04.2014) (Mac OSX)

Topaz Plugins Bundle (04.2014) (Mac OSX) | 1.03 GB

Topaz Bundle - a set of plug-ins from the renowned company Topaz Labs for Adobe Photoshop, as well as Photoshop Elements, Apple Aperture and Lightroom.

SoftwareSimufact Forming v12.0 x86 x64 ISO-SSQ

By rlwarez at 14-04-2014, 14:16

Simufact Forming v12.0 x86 x64 ISO-SSQ
Simufact Forming v12.0 x86 x64 ISO-SSQ | 1.7GB

Simufact.forming is a simulation tool that has been developed especially for the forming industry. As a consistent advancement of the long-established simulation solutions MSC.SuperForm and MSC.SuperForge from our partner MSC.Software, both complementary technologies were integrated in a single, powerful product that is up to all the challenges of forming technology.

SoftwareSimufact Forming v12.0 (x86/x64) Multilingual

By Bo0mB0om at 14-04-2014, 14:07
Simufact Forming v12.0 (x86/x64) Multilingual

Simufact Forming v12.0 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 1.7 GB
Language: English, German, French, Polish, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Russian

Simufact Forming - cistema computer modeling to calculate the deformation processes of metals in the process of forging and die tooling for the design .

SoftwareSiemens NX v8.0.3 MP09 Update

By Snorgared at 14-04-2014, 13:10
Siemens NX v8.0.3 MP09 Update

Siemens NX v8.0.3 MP09 Update | 723MB

1) Can only be used on pre-NX 8.0.3 (32bit or 64bit) or any of his previous MP
2) Additional crowbar in hand this implies that NX 8.0.3 already pre crowbar broken off from SSQ!
3) List bugfixed (nx-8.0.3.mp09.README.htm) laid separately

SoftwareAutodesk Advance Steel 2015 64Bit

By huayting at 14-04-2014, 12:56
Autodesk Advance Steel 2015 64Bit
Autodesk Advance Steel 2015 64Bit | 1.81 GB

Autodesk Inc., a world leader in 3D design software for entertainment, natural resources, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and civil infrastructure, announced the launch of the first product developed through this acquisition, called Autodesk Advance Steel 2015. The BIM manufacturer had acquired technologies from Graitec, a structural engineering design solutions group.

SoftwareXilisoft Video Joiner 2.0.1 (Mac OS X)

By kutelove at 14-04-2014, 12:31

Xilisoft Video Joiner 2.0.1 (Mac OS X)
Xilisoft Video Joiner 2.0.1 (Mac OS X) | 30.86 MB

Xilisoft Video Joiner is an excellent video joining and merging tool which can help you to join and merge videos in multiple formats into one new video file. It brings the most creative and exciting experience of joining and merging videos in formats of AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264, MOV, ASF, SWF and DAT to AVI, MPEG or H.264 videos willingly and conveniently.

SoftwareEmber 1.5 (Mac OS X)

By kutelove at 14-04-2014, 12:00

Ember 1.5 (Mac OS X)
Ember 1.5 (Mac OS X) | 45 MB

Ember is your digital scrapbook of things that inspire you - be it websites, photos, apps or other things. Just drag in images that you want to keep, organise them into relevant collections, annotate the images you need to give feedback on, and share your images to your favourite web services.

SoftwareMicrocat Hyundai 03.2014 - 04.2014

By huayting at 14-04-2014, 11:03
Microcat Hyundai 03.2014 - 04.2014
Microcat Hyundai 03.2014 - 04.2014 | 13.9 GB

All models produced and / or unreleased Hyundai Motor Company, except for vehicles intended for inter-market (eg , Starex), the model divided into groups (cars , SUVs / minivans / vans, commercial ) and by region .

SoftwareLand Rover Microcat (03.2014) Multilingual

By Bo0mB0om at 14-04-2014, 10:40
Land Rover Microcat (03.2014) Multilingual

Land Rover Microcat (03.2014) Multilingual | 919 MB

Description: Auto spare parts Land Rover Microcat contains information on spare parts for legendary brands Land Rover and Range Rover, once part of Rover Group. A catalog of parts for all models of Land Rover since 1986.
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